First window working day in Antwerp

A couple months ago I started to work behind a window and I still remember that day. I heard from some coworkers that there was a good place to work in a different country: the windows in Antwerp, Belgium. At that time I was still working on the streets in Holland where I had some bad experiences. Of course I didn’t had only bad experiences, but I wanted to try something new.
So I went off to Belgium. I already received some information and went looking over there. The are a lot of windows, which made it a bit difficult to choose. But at one I chose randomly one of the ones that felt okay to me. I called the number of the company which has the windows for rent, the phone number is usually located above or next to the window. I visited their office, then showed my passport, paid the rent and that was it. I made a reservation for a window.
I didn’t wanted to start right away that day, but I could if I wanted to. But I decided to start next week. I still had to bring my working clothes and stuff to Belgium.
A week later I started working there. One of the friendly staff members showed me the way inside and the couple of rules they had. After that I made the bed ready and changed my clothes. I put my condoms and other work stuff ready and then was the big moment: getting my clients.
At the beginning I felt a bit nervous, but it didn’t took long before I felt comfortable. Many kind of people passes by. Some laughed at me and others just looked at me. The first day I had several clients. Some were locals, while others were not. Some clients asked me some crazy requests, while some other ones seemed to just want have some attention.
In the end of the day I had a good feeling – actually I also felt proud. Seeing some clients go away, made me happy as well. I felt I did something really meaningful for these persons. Also I felt good of earning my own money and having the freedom to choose my own working days, hours and location. Of course I didn’t felt good afterwards with every client, but that’s a different subject – which I probably come back on later. After all, everyone has bad days at work right?

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