‘Legalized pimping’

Not rarely people ask me whether I have a pimp. Usually I ask them their definition of a pimp before I answer that question – and I think that’s really important question.

One of the Google results of the definition of pimping/trafficking describes it as follow: “…the facilitation or provision of a prostitute or sex worker in the arrangement of a sex act with a customer.”

Some people and laws say that human trafficking in the context of prostitution is any help, support or promoting sexwork. It really depends on whom you ask.

Of course there are serious human trafficking issues – most of us know the horrible stories. The obvious cases where there is a violent pimp. Thankfully most countries (if not all) treats these cases as a severe crime. There is no discussion going on about that.
But the question remains: where is the line between human trafficking and free will?

Many coworkers choose for this profession, because the other options they have don’t pay enough for their families. Or they can’t find any other job, because they don’t have working permit in the country. It also happens that some transgender women get rejected by society and that they have found this job instead. Some say they didn’t had a choice. But if that’s true, will that also be a form of human trafficking or at least a form of abuse? Some say also yes to that question.

Next situation: at the moment I ask a person to help me to find some clients in exchange of money. Is that human trafficking? Even if I can end that business relationship without any trouble? Many countries considers this as human trafficking. But why? Technically it’s not different then a business partner in a different industry.

And what about the pornography industry or being a camgirl? I can legally work as a camgirl without any of this issue. Even people and companies are allowed to promote this, assist and help you becoming a camgirl. All legal and is (as far as I know) never considered as human trafficking by itself. So what makes this different?

What about those who are not financially needing this job, but still choice for this job merely for the excitement? We don’t need to forget this group either.

And what about the Dutch IRS…? They collect almost half of the earnings of prostitutes.

I guess the views, laws and regulations on prostitution and human trafficking are based on morals. Which would mean that society makes a distinction on the definition of human trafficking, whether or not sex is involved. So, what do you think? What are your morals and views on human trafficking and prostitution?
And to get back to the question whether I have a pimp, my answer would be: it depends on your definition of a pimp.

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