Christianity & prostitution: an introduction

Being a Christian, a prostitute and at the same time enjoying being a passionate active church member can be quite a challenge. In the time of being a Christian and a church member I learned quite a lot about sexuality. I also followed some ministry classes about things as healing and deliverance. I’ve learned some very interesting and new views on sexuality, which you can also find some of it here (external link).

So having sex with someone is -not surprisingly- considered to be exclusive have place within marriage, between one man and one women. (The question whether marriages should always be with 2 people or only with the opposite sex, is a different topic which I will maybe come back on later.)

What I’ve learned in short is that having sex with someone creates a connection from soul to soul. As the Bible say with becoming one in a marriage, it is as explained as really becoming one through the act of sexual intercourse. One of the things a marriage protects people is that they not impulsively become one with someone else. Because it is believed that the connection is unbreakable except by either death or through the sacrifice of the blood of Jesus.
It’s also that reason why in the Old Testament the death penalty was required, because at that time it was the only solution to break that connection between the rapist and the victim. Otherwise their souls would ‘stick to each other’ till one of them dies.
If this is the first time you hear or read about this, it probably sounds crazy to you. But trust me, if you learn more about this subject and their explanations – it really makes sense in some way.

It’s really an interesting view. It made me understand why (some) Christians do believe sexuality should be exclusively have space in marriages only. If it’s true what they say, as a prostitute I should be have quite a lot of connections and souls sticking to me. That’s really an awful thought. Many -actually all of the- clients I had were not the people I would want to be connected with in any way, except for business/commercial reasons. So if these Christians have it right, then I’m urgently in need of help.

Apart from the belief that being sexual active outside wedlock is harmful, often churches and Christians belief that sexual activity outside wedlock is harmful on a psychological level as well. According to the Bible we are created to be a child of God and have all kinds of non-sexual relationships with other people besides your husband or wive and even with animals. Just to love and to take care of each other, just as our relationship with God should be. Therefore it’s not surprising that many Christians are looking after me and my coworkers with the purpose to save and love us. In my own experience they really seem to be the most loving of all the people who help or support us. However, the problem is that many coworkers don’t want to be saved or have any help at all.

So we have the weird situation in which a group of people are driven by a passion to save us and love us because of our assumed pain and problems. And at the other side there are many sex workers who seemingly don’t have any problems with it. So, who is right? I guess this answer depends quite a lot on what you believe.

However I never think that God wants people to dictate or judge people on their jobs. It’s fine to share any concerns and thoughts on it, as long as people want to hear it. If you choose to approach us, then please be aware of what we believe and how we see you. It’s weird and inappropriate to act as a teacher or as a savior, if we don’t see you that way. Imagine that a stranger is coming to you and talking to you, assuming that you are his spiritual father or teacher, how would that look like? From my own experiences, I can tell you: that feels really strange and I don’t take that person serious. At the other hand if I talked several times with someone and like what they say to me – it can happen that I will see that person as my teacher or as a mother figure for example. In that situation it becomes different – then it could be all right to tell more of your views and concerns.

For my Christian coworkers I advice to be cautious to who and how you tell your job as a prostitute, if you want to share it at all. There is a risk that others may either be too concerned or see you as very sinful.

To be continued…

P.S.: If you have experiences with Christian organizations as a prostitute and have some interesting stories, then I’d love to hear from you! To me it does not matter whether you’re from the U.S., Europe or from somewhere else. Also if you’re a Christian yourself and have some additional thoughts on this, I would love to hear from you as well. I will never publish names of people without their permission. Also I will always be respectful in communications, even if you have different beliefs. You can contact me here.

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