Police interventions

During my consults for my STI checks and also when police steps by, they usually remind me to call or visit the police when I have serious troubles with a client. However in the cases I did, the situation only got worse. I’ll write some of my experiences with the police of the Netherlands. These are long stories, but I’ll keep it short.

– My first experience was when I dialled the emergency number as a child, because my parents had an aggressive fight. The police came and wanted to arrest one, but my other family member refused to file a report because of religious reasons. After a long talk they left. In that time I stayed most of my time in a residential treatment center, because I was depressed at that time. They never believed me that I had serious damaging ongoing problems in my family – simply because my parents denied these things.. The police didn’t tried to inform that center and didn’t looked after us anymore.

– Several years ago I accidentally got information of someone who admitted that he abused teen girls sexually and that he is still doing it. He told that after confrontation of other people. I informed the police on the phone, but they dismissed it. They asked me things like ‘Well, maybe you are the person who are abusing these kids? How could we know?’ Because of that attitude I let go of that case after that. But recently I heard some other people want to go to the police – I wish them good luck…

– There is a human trafficking case reported of whom the reporter got victimized by the police, due their actions. You can read the story in Dutch, by clicking here. I know that this story is not a fake story.

– Together with a family member I put charges against a different family member because of domestic abuse. After several months they came to the conclusion that the crime was too old to be persecuted. They admitted that if you have been physically abused as a six years old, you still have to put charges of that within five years. This would have mean I had to put charges of that before I was 11 years old. Despite the fact I was dependent of that person. (Note: recently there has a new law applied that minors can still put such charges after they became 18. However this law came too late for us unfortunately.)

– Last year I put charges against a client because of sexual assault. Although I had a friendly cop in the beginning, they still started to question whether I could have been really sexually assaulted – simply because I am a prostitute… They also failed to do a medical examination, even despite the fact that I went to the police office almost right after it happened. After a couple of months I was informed that I had to come back to the office and do everything over again. The report was made by the wrong department. And this case is still ongoing and there are even more issues going on here..


These are some of my police experiences. According to my experiences with the Dutch police, they have a 100% failure rate so far. Besides that it is not uncommon that police interventions make the situations only worse for the victim. And they seriously wonder why prostitutes rarely contact the police…

I understand that you as a reader would love to hear the other side of these stories. I can’t write that here in full, therefore I encourage you to look for other stories of sex workers. There are many more stories like mine, but rarely you’ll find success stories which includes police interventions. If I have a pimp against my will, then I’m quite sure that it would be better for me to avoid the police. I don’t trust health professionals that much either. I think it would be best to inform coworkers and try to deal with it myself.

I want to add here that I sometimes had good conversations with individual law enforcemt agents, but they are always dependent on their coworkers and as well. So I don’t trust them in full either.


If you are a journalist who would love to investigate this issues more, then please contact me! If we get in touch with each other and I trust you, then I’ll be able to share some documents which backups my stories. Thank you.