Are you a current prostitute/sexworker?
Yes, I currently still work as a sexworker behind a window in Belgium. I do not longer work as a streetprostitute or as a camgirl at the moment and rarely as an escort.

Why do you work as a prostitute?
Although it’s not my dream job, it’s for me the best choice for my circumstances. For me it gives freedom and meaning while earning enough money to live.

Why do you (also) work as an activist?
I think it’s important to share my experiences as a prostitute to give an honest and balanced view of this kind of jobs. Of course there are many sexworkers out there and therefore many experiences. But I’ll do my best to share honest stories of my work experiences here online and to fight for the rights of sexworkers as an activist.

Do you want to do these jobs for the rest of your life?
No, probably not.

Can I contact you?
Yes, please use the contact form.