Dutch elections 2017



Elections! I personally like to talk and read about politics. And if you care about prostitution policies, then it’s a good idea to read about the different political views on sex work. In about a week we can vote in the Netherlands on 28 different parties. Each party has it’s own views and beliefs on prostitution. Most parties have their views included in their program book.

So I’ve ordered as much programs as possible to receive in a physical form. I still like to read these on paper. The largest program is of D66 which contains 256 pages. Other programs are much smaller. Unfortunately I didn’t succeed in obtaining every program on paper, so I’m reading the other ones online.
As I mentioned the views on prostitution differs quite a lot. Some programs says that prostitution is equal to human trafficking (CDA). Other Christian parties such as SGP and ChristenUnie have familiar views and ideas. One with the most liberal views on sex work is D66. They acknowledge that prostitution is a job and that prostitutes should have equal rights then other non-sex work related job. They of course also say that sex work and human trafficking are two different things. Many political parties have views that are somewhere in between. But you can also look what each party has said during the recent new law proposal on prostitution here (external link). That information is in Dutch, but may be helpful as well.

In the end prostitution is just one of the topics of each program. This election is also about immigration policies, financial issues, health care costs and for me also very important: animal rights. Not many parties do consider that as an important issue. So I’ll probably vote on Partij voor de Dieren (party for the animals) for that reason. I hope other parties will invest more time and energy on that in the future as well. It’s sad that there is a different party needed for that in this country.